5 effortless and inexpensive ways to achieve Ryan Gosling’s style

Admit it, there is always this secret desire in every guy’s heart to look like Ryan Gosling. Here, I am showing you the caual looks you can copy without paying lot of money. Maybe yoy already own these items.

  1. Elegnat look: White tee+black jeans+White jacket+black sunglasses+black boots

2.The Classy One: Blue stripped shirt+brown belt+black pants+brown leather shoes

3.The I-don’t-care-what-you-think-of-me look: Red and black patterned shirt+ black belt+blue jeans+black shoes

4. Go monochrome: Choose your color and experiment with different pieces. Such as, white shirt+black belt+white pants+black shoes or copy the above.

5. The comfy one: Blue t-shirt (loosly tucked)+ black belt+ black pant+black shoes.

Bonus tip: Look carefully at the tucks of shirt and cuffs of sleeves. They are the ultimate weapon to change your fashion game, only if done correctly. So, master them.

I hope you’ve found this helpful. Have a good day.

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Common casual wear mistake to avoid

Let’s play a game. Spot the difference.

Have you noticed the slight difference between these photos.

No it’s not that smile.

It’s the graphics. Those bold letters that eats the charm of your personality and leave you empty.

No matter if you are a male or female, if you want everybody-will-look-at-you-when-you-enter-the-room kind of aura, then say goodbye to graphic tees.

Look at them..

You’ll never see a star in graphic tee.

Plain tees not only look professional, but they also have this aesthetic aura that will lift up your confidence as well as your fashion game. So, in your wardrobe give them a space.

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7 tips for an under-confident teenager

Confidence_- is needed in every area of life. Let it be relationship, marriage, career or day to day activities. It is the basic foundation that makes dreams a reality. You have talent, a passion but as long as you are not confident about it, it’s all a trash.

Remember the movie ‘DUFF’, how the main lead goes from zero to hero. Actually, it’s the story of mostly all movies. With sheer confidence, one changes his circumstances. So my first tip is:

  1. Know and understand the importance of confidence:Most of us just have the attitude of ‘let it be’, but it’s not right. Fix it and stand up on your own feet.
  2. Compliment yourself: Nobody is gonna do that for you. Give yourself a gentle pat on the back or a flying kiss while passing mirror for something you really appreciate in yourself. It can be anything such as clothes, your kindness, your smile etc.
  3. Lose Weight: It’s unhealthy and gives birth to many diseases. So, don’t be lazy and work on appearance. As in today’s world both inner and outer beauty is essential.
  4. Dress to impress: It makes a huge difference when you dress up aesthetically. Clothes have power to change both mood and confidence, use it. Wear perfume, weird jewellery and a watch. A watch is a must have.
  5. Cultivate your talent: Improve your skills and be original. Having something in which your are an expert even if it’s solving algebra brings respect as a reward. Which ultimately improves your confidence.
  6. Speak up: Don’t yawn and sleep in class. Ask questions, intract with teachers, be active. You are youth. So don’t behave like an old grumpy grandma who lives in shabby apartment with her cats. You pay fees to learn, so learn.
  7. Meditate and Exercise: Little unconventional tip, but for me it was really helpful. It make subtle changes in life which are not visible but they are there.

This are some of the things I have learnt while sulking in the background. I hope these can be helpful. At least they worked for me.

Comment, like and share if you find it useful. Or else, suggest me how can I improve. As I am only a teenager looking for my path.

08 rules to follow if you want to lose weight

Weight loss is a huge deal. The fit body is not only beautiful but it also gives you confidence. It changes opinions of people about you. It does.

So let’s get straight to the point. These rules are like mantra and you need to recite them until you achieve your goal. These are the basics that every person should know in order to lose weight.

  • Stay away from sugar– Just stay away from it. No sugar. Although you can satisfy your cravings by eating half of pastry on one day a week. But not more than that.
  • Get Motivation– It’s foundation for your journey. If you want to stick to your plan you need an inspiration. It can be anything like healthy body, good looks, amazing photographs or slamming door at the face of ones who had offended you.
  • Stay away from packaged food– Just no to chips, okay.
  • Too much salt is unhealthy– Do not, I repeat, do not embrace this instead of suger.
  • Drink Water– Drink gallons of water if you need to. Keep a water bottle always with you.
  • Exercise- It can be anything. A walk in nature with water bottle (don’t roll eyes you need it), cycling or dancing. Just anything. If you want to get muscles then download apps. There are tons of free apps that has great exercise schedule.
  • Drink green tea or black coffee- It works.
  • Do not eat heavy meal after 5 pm– Just stay hungry. It will burn the fat inside your body overnight. You can take a cup of green tea or black coffee, though.

These rules work no matter where you live, what’s your age, gender, religion. Just give them a try. And let me know if I can help with anything. Best of luck 💪👍.

How many more times?

Forgotten scars                                                       

often bleed,the-scream


tainted with tears and screams.

I thought I left everything behind when I moved into the city.

I thought I, no longer,

was confound by that ugly beauty.

It chases me during midnight and evaporate my sleep.

Tell me, how many more times, do I have to bleed?

And “FEEL”.