08 rules to follow if you want to lose weight

Weight loss is a huge deal. The fit body is not only beautiful but it also gives you confidence. It changes opinions of people about you. It does.

So let’s get straight to the point. These rules are like mantra and you need to recite them until you achieve your goal. These are the basics that every person should know in order to lose weight.

  • Stay away from sugar– Just stay away from it. No sugar. Although you can satisfy your cravings by eating half of pastry on one day a week. But not more than that.
  • Get Motivation– It’s foundation for your journey. If you want to stick to your plan you need an inspiration. It can be anything like healthy body, good looks, amazing photographs or slamming door at the face of ones who had offended you.
  • Stay away from packaged food– Just no to chips, okay.
  • Too much salt is unhealthy– Do not, I repeat, do not embrace this instead of suger.
  • Drink Water– Drink gallons of water if you need to. Keep a water bottle always with you.
  • Exercise- It can be anything. A walk in nature with water bottle (don’t roll eyes you need it), cycling or dancing. Just anything. If you want to get muscles then download apps. There are tons of free apps that has great exercise schedule.
  • Drink green tea or black coffee- It works.
  • Do not eat heavy meal after 5 pm– Just stay hungry. It will burn the fat inside your body overnight. You can take a cup of green tea or black coffee, though.

These rules work no matter where you live, what’s your age, gender, religion. Just give them a try. And let me know if I can help with anything. Best of luck 💪👍.

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